Friday, September 28, 2007

Rambling on various subjects...

Arabic coffee...yesterday I made it for the first time...i can not say enough yucks about my coffee...yes it was bad! My poor mother in law and sister in law drank it and said it was good (liars)...i almost threw up when I drank my cup. So my first attempt at Arabic coffee turned out bad. This is what I did..I put 3 coffee cups of coffee in the ghalaya...let it boil and then put 3 table spoons of coffee...maybe I was supposed to put 3 teaspoons of coffee??? I will keep on practicing until I make the perfect cup of coffee!
Ants! I hate those little buggers...i used to feel bad and not step on ants. Now I step on them on purpose when I see them. I officially hate ants. Hard working or not, they are annoying!! Few times I was happily eating a piece of fruit or a cookie...i get a phone call or do something for the kids so I leave my food on the counter. A bit later I go to get my yummy plum or cookie and guess who beat me to it!! Yeh the stupid ants! And it was a very yummy plum too! Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! It also happens with bread. If I dare and forget the bread bag on the counter the ants get to itL I hate those ugly tiny creatures!

Ramadan: this Ramadan I’m not feeling very spiritual...I am fasting, but that is about it! I’m not reading the Quran, although I put it on for a while during the day...and my prayers...hmmmmm...don’t even ask! Some Ramadans I become a sheikha... others I just do not feel this one! Shame!
Hubby: he is coming in a week!! Yippy! Poor Rami Ramadan is getting to him...he is very tired! He goes to bed late, and then at 4am he has to wakeup for suhor...his suhor is coffee and smokes plus a bit of water and maybe something small to eat. He sounds very tired...hopefully he will be able to sleep good when he gets here.

Weight: I have lost three lb since the beginning of Ramadan. In order to keep them off I have to join a gym as soon as Ramadan is over. So now I am in search of a gym near by. Any one know of a gym in tla’3 el 3ali

Blog spot: It has been so slow and annoying latley...what is up with that?

Google reader I love it! It is saving me so much time checking blogs...instead of checking every single one on my favourite now I only check ones that have been updated...pretty cool eh? I have been wanting to do it for a while..but I was too lazy...


Asoom said...

you're right about blog spot I had the worst time trying to upload some images.

I've been taking some appetite suppressants and I think this is the officially the first ramadan that I dont gain weight and in fact lost some weight!!! I'll definately be hitting the gym when it's over!

Sam said...

asoom yeh it took me forever to load pictures..grrrr..
i dont have to take any appetite suppressants appetite is already none existant..i hope it stays this way...i even snubed!

kinzi said...

Hi Sam, Ramadan isn't over, God's ears will hear any are loved!

I need to learn about this google reader stuff, and bookmarking, and favorites, I know nothing, just keep checking QP and JB over and over again, forgetting where I commented, yeesh.

tinkerbella said...

The solution to ants is citrus.. they HATE it! Add lemon juice to the water and wipe down your conunters and floors with it. Also, leave some lemon peel in a small plate on the counters/floors and they will be gone soon.

Yea, for some reason this ramadan is the same for me.. I'm fasting and listening to Quran but not much else. Work is taking up ALL my time :(

Good luck with the weight loss. The gym I used to go to in tla3 el 3ali has now closed but my sis tells me she belongs to a new gym/spa combo there that is part of a girls sakan... its state of the art and supposedly awesome. AND it has an indoor heated pool!

Qwaider قويدر said...

Hang in there Sam, You're doing great. Once your husband joins you, you will have a full family and you will get the feeling again.

Allah ya3teeki el 3afyeh

As for little critters back in Jordan. It's not like north part of north america. Last time I saw an ant or a roach is like 2 years ago. They just don't like it here. And I love that :)

Omar said...

yeah, Arabic coffee is a mystery to me too. And it's one of those things that you really need to know how to make. But practice makes perfect, maybe I should do what I preach and start learning how to make it!

Maioush said...

well Sam :) first of all, i miss you so much, i haven't been commenting for a while, Ramadan is keeping me busy walahi...
as for the coffee, you'll get it my dear, and yeah, it's teaspoon :), i'm sure you;ll end up making the best arabic coffee ever :D
don't let me start about the weight :S , they are feeding me like crazy, i gained 7LBs!!!! eh!!

Qabbani said...

له له , مو خبرية القهوة فكرتك تعلمتيها
القهوة دائما معالق صغير تبع الشاي , و متل ما التك أول , دائما اول 4-5 محاولات بتكون غريبة , بس هلا لما تجربي بملعقة الصغيرة ,بيمشي الحال , معك اسبوع بتأدر تجربي على الأقل 7 مرات و بتزبط اهم الشبي العيار و التحريك المزبوط

بالنسبة للجيم , في واحد منيح اكتير و طابق مخصص لنساء مع اخصائيين اسمو فتنس ون عند مجمع جبر , يعني تكسي من بيتك اقل من دينار لعندو , اختي بتروح عليه و مرتاحة جدا في

بالنسبة لرمضان , حاولي تستغلي اكتر لأنك رح تنشغلي بعد اسبوع وخاصة انه العيد ارب :) الله ييسر لك

sel3 said...

I am being generous today so check the link belwo:

When I was in Italy they gave us this little present which is a coffee maker, this one:
and a can of coffee, this one:

if you can find them in Amman they will give you the best coffee ever

Jundi said...

tla3 el 3ali?
we're neighbors :)

and yeah i think this ramadan is one of my worst .. damn work is taking all my time .. i listen to a lot of quran but that's it :s

hehe about the ants u reminded me of my room in college .. they were always after my sugar .. i was always finding them in my box of sugar cubes .. even the sugar residue in my mugs!

Rola j said...
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Sam said...

sorry rola..not on my blog...this is between u and kinzi...:)

Oriental Arabesque said...

as for the the guys above said..use 1 full teaspoon for each nou3 el ahweh byefre2..ya3ni dark or sha2ra..with heil or bidon check this too

good luck with finiding a good gym :)