Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Where is the fall?

I guess Amman is just like seems to only have three seasons. In Canada we are missing spring, and in Amman the fall seems to be missing. Although I am enjoying the warmth and the no need for jacket between the hours of 10am and 4pm, but I am kind of missing the fall colours and the crispy weather. Besides I bought a cute long light coat and so far I have not had the chance to wear it! But at home I am already in my “winter” pj’s since it is cold at home after the sun sets. I get tempted to put on my heater, but then what the heck will I do when the cold weather hits?? I am so not looking forward to winter in Amman this is the first time I have ever bought long sleeve on the heavy side pj’s!

Ok for once I will keep my post nice and short and about one, only one subject...there you go this is my missing fall post, and yes the no Halloween for kids is a good thing Zozo still does not know the days of the month or else we will be in trouble...o speaking of Halloween, 6 years ago today I was a very anxious, very pregnant lady! Waiting for something, anything a tiny contraction any thing to show that the bun in my oven is cooked and ready to come out! But October 31 came and went, and I was still a huge 32lb heavier person. It was not until a whole week later that I was induced and my “bundle of joy” came out, and I was only 10lb lighter to my dismay! Ah first time mothers! I took my pre pregnancy jeans to the hospital to wear home *LOOOOOL*, gosh was I ever delusional! It took 10 months of working out and eating right to fit into those pre baby jeans! Now I know better!

Ok so it is hopeless, I can not only talk about one thing in a single post. O well, since I am at it, yesterday/today is/was my brother’s 30th bday, ha-ha old man!! Happy birthday to my brother! We always fought like cats and dogs, but I always loved him.


Summer said...

Hey Sam, you always manage to have the most entertaining posts..even if you divert from the main issue, but always fun read.
happy birthday to your "little" brother and happy birthday to zozo next week. are you going to have a party for him? this he will not miss out on even if he does know the days of the month. :)

Maioush said...

Sam Sam Sam :)
LOL@ you can't talk about one subject at a time! :D do u know that I love that in your posts?? :) I really do, it's a real talk, that's how it actually goes which is really interesting if you ask me …
PLZ don't change your way of writing I’m sure everybody agrees with me too.

Qwaider قويدر said...

WOW buy one get 3 posts in one :) Boy you love conservation!

I think you will start detecting fall in Jordan soon. As for spring. It's also nice, but pretty short

As for your son, allow him to enjoy halloween, there's nothing wrong in that!

And I heard a friend of mine say his wife left the hospital 5 pounds more than she went in. So consider yourself blessed

And Happy birthday to your brother .. tell him, welcome to the 30s

Wow, that was 4 in one!

Oriental Arabesque said...

your posts are always enjoyable and fun to read :)

1st: happy BD to ur brother, and many happy returns

2nd: you guys are lucky for having three in UAE we have only hot burning summer and spring (which we like to fool ourselves and consider it as winter :D)

3rd: Happy BD to Ziad in advance, are u going to have a party? :)

Qabbani said...


happy B-day to ur brother ,

Amman miss autumn, i guess two weeks and the cold start ,then after that Two week the Real cold start i hope so :D

i miss cold

nido said...

Never limit your posts to one subject only! I always enjoy reading them:)
Now seriously, it took you 10 months to fit into your pre pregnancy clothes?!?! This is good to know:(
Happy birthday to both, your brother and son...It's my sister's birthday today too...

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

i love fall, especially canadian fall, with all the colors, and scenery, and beauty! but canadian winter is a ho! jeez!

happy birthday to ur bro and 2/3 him :D

Sam said...

summer o thank you, so sweet of u!:) you...even if i wanted to change i cant, i love to talk too much and i always have a million things on my mind:)

Q well yup, i love to talk:) wow 5lb more...where did those come from..poor lady! i guess water weight...damn water weight!

Mais *lol* at the spring/winter in UAE! well i about died in abu dhabi from the heat in august we only walked from one door to the next at the airport and i was already sweating! I never sweat! so it was bad..ya haram into! i said before..u r weird! u should move to canada!! there is plenty of cold there:)

nido..well it may be different for you:) it took longer that that with my second baby...but my sister was back in her prepreg cloths after friend was back after 3months..gosh i hate her!

dima..yeh canadian winters are no fun...but when i moved to saskatoon, i found out that toronto's cold is a peice of cake ! so it depends on where u r:)