Wednesday, October 24, 2007

do no eat all the honey

I have so much to blog about...but when I come to my laptop to write I forget what I wanted to write! Uf!

See it is happening about, so I am just going to write about something silly because I can not think of anything at the moment.

Ok since this is all hubby can talk about these days, I will complain about his friend.
You know the saying iza 7abibak 3asala ma taklo kolo... (If your loved one is honey, do not eat it all at once). This is exactly what this “friend” did.

Like I mentioned before our house in Ontario is poor cute cute house! I did not get to enjoy it at all! Hubby’s friend Y went to Syria a couple of year ago, he got married and stayed there for almost a year. Last march he came back to Canada, and was looking for a place to rent. Hubby and I felt bad for him and told him to stay at our house until he got a job. We said he can stay for free, just look after the house, and clear the snow and stuff until he gets back on his feet.

Few weeks after he was there we got a letter from the municipality with pictures of our house saying the snow has to be cleared off the side walk or else, so Y did not even do this simple task; he was not even working at that time! Uf!

Fast forward to august, Y got a good paying job in May. He is still living at our house. He did paint the fence, when hubby asked for his account number to send him money for what the paint cost he sent it!! And once we got a bill from the lawn care company, $150 and he mailed it to us, did not even offer to pay the amount. All this time we were paying utilities. In July the hydro bill was very high, $200some. Hubby got upset and called Y to ask him to pay this bill; it is not fair for us to pay this bill so he can stay cool.

We were ok paying bit extra of hydro and gas he was using, but this was a bit over the top. When hubby told him that this is too much, we still have to pay mortgage on our house, rent in Saskatoon, and rent in Amman. Hubby asked Y to pay rent. Y stupidly said to hubby, “but I will be going to Syria in December, so I will not pay you for that month!!” WTF! This guy has been living for free in the past six months and he has the nerves to make a stupid command like that? If he was renting elsewhere he would still pay the amount, he would have no choice.
So finally he started paying rent, what he would pay for a one room in a house with a shared bathroom mind you, $500/mo.

Well hubby finally gave him a notice to leave, in December he goes back to Syria and will not go back to our house, he will be leaving his crappy car in our garage though, and it leaks oil!
I do not get people!! My mother in law is staying at her daughter’s house for a while until her maid arrives. She is paying for utilities and for the 7ares. Few years ago while waiting for her house to be ready she paid all that and installed a solar heater for them... my sister in law is not expecting her to pay anything, but for her to feel comfortable she feels the need to pay for what she uses. Mish like other people! Use and abuse. Y has this weird mentality, thinking that since hubby makes good money it is ok to let him pay! Sheesh! So no more MR and MRS nice guy here! Y has been kicked out

I'll talk about something more exciting soon ...promise:)


Qabbani said...

Wow wallah this is too much , some ppl are smart in eating honey ,

i remeber each time i go Syria i stay at aunt place , i feel too shy to come with empty hand ,each time i go out door and back to her place i bring something or things like sweet vegetables ,fruit , sometimes dinner , at least something cuz sure i cant pay for hey , bs Zooo2 , and even if i stay for couple of days ..

Zoo2 no more :)
yallah good he's going away now :)

how's school going with Ziad :)

Anonymous said...

I think you guys totally got off on the wrong foot! You were overly-nice and he abused it...It's always better to clearly lay out the terms up front to avoid conflicting views and the whole "I assumed" deal. Well if anything you have less bills to pay now :) Keeping up a house is one thing , but 3 is a handful!

salam said...

Sam, sorry to say this, but you shouldn't have let him use your house in the first place..I can't begin to think of the state you will find it in upon your return..If this" friend" was not considerate enough to offer to pay any of the bills and bargained about December when he was finally presured to pay, can you imagine how negligent he must have been in keepng up the house?I hope I'm wrong but I think you're in for a huge disappointment when you go back and see want my advice?make him pay for professional cleaning and maintenance before he leaves it..I guess the good thing is that now you know not to consider him a friend anymore.

Oriental Arabesque said...

i totally agree with salam!

asoom said...

I don't understand why he couldn't at least pay his own bills!!! I understand the no rent thing as a favor to a friend because I've definately let people stay in my apartment (I never need 12 months lease but they never give me less) when I'm not there and vice versa, but to not pay your own bills........

Over the summer I had a subletter in my apartment for the last 3 months, he was like the nicest most responsible guy but I asked him for a deposit for my furniture in case anything was damaged, and when he left the aparmtnet wasn't as clean as it was when I gave it to him so I took out of his deposit because the apartment charges a cleaning fee. So ya3ni you guys have to be carefull even if it a friend.

Sam said...

qabbani yeh what a 7mar..if he only paid abit we would have let him stay..bas kman ysharet..yroo7 ywali! ziad is driving his teacher crazy..:)

anon...well it was good for us because we did not want the house to be vacant..but to cost us too much it is not fair!

salam...yeh we will ask him to pay for prof carpet cleaning and he will have to paint any dirt on the walls...but the house is ok just shawai messy with his bag and stuff..i do not understand why he does not put his stuff in the closet!

mais :)

asoom...yeh that is what we though,the he will yeste7i 3ala damo and pay any extras...but like i said he know hubby makes good money so he annoying!

tinkerbella said... guys are way too nice and he was totally zo2less and taking advantage!!

good thing you finally asked him to leave, jad some people are unbelievable!