Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday morning

It is 8:30 am on Friday in Amman. The whole city is still sleeping. I wish I was too!
We have already been up for 1.5hours. I already broke out two fights. One fight was over play dough and another over Zozo’s wallet.

I put a nice breakfast on the table, labnah, cheese, olives, was getting ready to make eggs, but my kids did not want any of the above. They wanted to eat hotdogs! Yes we have gotten out of the eggs phase, it was followed by the labneh and zaatar phase, now it is hotdogs! Who eats hot dogs for breakfast? O least they are eating them with whole-wheat bread and I make them to put a cucumber and some tomatoes in the sandwich so it is not all bad...

They will be wanting hot dog for lunch as well, so I will not bother cooking today...not that I ever cook for lunch! I just can not see myself cooking tabeekh in the morning...i can’t! And I won’t! When the kids are in school I want to do things I can not do while the kids are home, go shopping, exercise, guiltless computer time, or go see my friends and neighbours without demanding kids we eat a light lunch, turkey, or tuna sandwiches. For dinner at 6pm we have tabeekh, just like we did in Canada, why do we have to change just because everyone eats tabeekh at 1pm here???

There used to be a time when I liked weekend and used them to sleep in and catch up on lost sleep, but these days are long gone! I hate weekends!


Summer said...

I have been up since seven am too in amman!! i should have called you and had coffee together!!!
i guess eating tabeekh for lunch is a much healtheir way than eating it for dinner!! i am still serving tabeekh for dinner though...hard to get out of the US habit i guess.
have a wonderful weekend and try to catch some sleep!

Qabbani said...

you know many families here had Tabeekh at 5-6pm

its rare to have lunch before 3 ,
any way have a nice cool day :)

Sam said...

summer...ah i'll be up early again tomorrow...if u r up early come over for coffee...hmm ok tea...:)

qabbani yeh i guess when someone works untill 5 they have to eat late..annoying hubby wanted ME to have tabeekh ready for the boys at his dreams! thank u:)

Jundi said...

hotdogs with tomato and cucumber o_O

Anonymous said...


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