Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Finally Eid is over and the kids are back at school. I hated Ramadan school hours...now we are back to normal...More mommy time for me...yippy!

Yesterday we spent the day at the Marriott at the Dead Sea. It was so much fun. I could not swim but I got a message and got to sit around sipping on a pina colada and enjoying myself. Of course we got there too late so we could not get a tan. O well!!

We stayed there until 12 am...there was a dancer and it was fun...Zozo drove the dancer crazy last year, he was following her all over the place while she was dancing and during her break. This year he was better he only danced with her few times...so cute!

It is annoying how everyone here is so into everything foreign. Everyone brags about their kids going to American, British and other foreign named school...what is up with that? Some people I have spoken with brag that their kids live in Jordan and Egypt and do not speak any Arabic. I do not see anything good about this...why are we so impressed with everything foreign.
At many stores you find all sorts of books and toys that teach English hard to find Arabic ones. I looked all over the place for a work book that has Arabic letters you trace, but I did not find any. I wanted to buy Arabic DVD’s for the kids, but there are so few.

I hope and pray that leapfrog makes Arabic cartridges for the leapster game; I wish I wish I wish!

Everyone frowns upon us for putting Zozo in an Arabic school. They may be right since he is having some issues, but the school is great. When they dealt with some of Ziad’s behavioural and academicals issues they dealt with them as good as they would have in Canada. The whole school is involved and working as a team to help him overcome the problems he is facing...I am very impressed! I did not expect this from a school in Jordan. I actually heard lots of bad stories about schools neglecting children and causing them to hate school.

Ok I know the last paragraphs have nothing to do with what my post started out like. But since this was the main topic we were discussing while argeeling and drinking bad American coffee last night at the Dead Sea, I thought I’d throw that in there.


Asoom said...

sounds like such an awesome eid! I wanna massage.......

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

happy 3eed..sounds great.. yaay i've been delaying going to the dead sea this month, coz everytime i remember was after 12 a.m..

Layla said...

Hey, for Kids arabic books for all ages; audio and vedio stuff there are several book stores in down two and Abadali; Abadalii stores are easy to find and locate and there is few in the same street.

Location: down from Al dakhlyieh circle to Al-Abbdali you will first face traffic lights, after passing them drive the street down till just before " karjat el abdali" and park there, to the left there is a very small gas station and just after it a Zalatimoo branch, the several stores are infront of zalatimo and the gas station .. there is more than but the biggest one is in the second floor of the building .. i forgot its name, just ask people around.

Hope that was clear to get :S

nido said...

Welcome back:) I miss the heat of the dead sea!!
And what you are doing to your kid, taking him to a good Arabic school, is the best thing ever!
Many people here Arabs and non Arabs are dying to teach their kids how to read and speak Arabic!

Good luck to Zozo:)
Kol saneh ou into salmeeen!

Ahmad said...

To answer your question ((why are we so impressed with everything foreign)):

Too much money and they have right to spoil thier kids. The problem here, when there is real clash between west and east, which side will they take ? will be they here to defend their countries when there is a war?...