Friday, October 26, 2007

Random Rambles

Crossing streets in Amman is making me not like Amman! I wish that there was a traffic light where I live instead of those stupid crossing places that no one is driving me crazy!

Why is the mouse always the good guy in Tom and Jerry?? Why does he always win? I am starting to feel bad for tom! I have not watched the show for so many years, but it is on every night here. I noticed that there are few things on that did not make sense to me back in the days. Not actions but items, like the Christmas tree balls, the sprinkler , the fire hydrant and so many other things we did not see much of in Lebanon. Kwim?

Why do some Arabic channels think that everyone is so anxious to hear news??? They interrupt a movie to put on a mowjis or the whole news?? Why can’t they time it right? If someone really really wanted to hear news at this time they can log on line...dah! It is super annoying, who the hell came up with this idea??

Why do we have to wait for two weeks know if we are pregnant?? Uggh!

My mother in law is driving us crazy!! Sure she has to take a hundred pills a day, but she is 74 years old. The doctor told her to take two pills of the medicine which stops water from going to her lungs; A very important medicine. What does she do?? She only takes one pill! I do not get it, why take only one when she is asked to take 2?? Is she trying to save money? All four of her children are very well off and can afford to buy her the medicine. Sheesh! So today she was back to the hospital because of water in her lungs again...and you know what? If she was trying to save money on the pills the hospital bill is going to be enough to buy that medicine for few months! And do not forget the worry she has caused everyone in the family...uggh! Well let’s hope she won’t play doctor and pick and chose what medicine to take and what not to take next time!

The kids drove me crazy today, up until an hour ago they were still fighting over the damned play dough! Not to self, always buy two of everything!! Ziad has exams this week and he does not want to study, uggh! The minute we open the books he gets all sleepy! Speaking of test, why do grade one students need to be tested four times a semester? On top of all the homework and the dictations they do everyday. If grade one is like this, I can thank my lucky stars I did not study in Jordan imagine how horrible high school would be! I suck at tests! I do great on assignments and presentations but tests are my weakness! In the Middle East tests are what determine your grade. I would not have been an A student in Jordan! Although some how I was always first or second in my class in Lebanon.

O o o,I finally joined a gym! I wanted a nice fancy gym, but my sister in law wants to swim, so I caved and joined Nadi Amman it is nice to have a workout buddy and now that I do not wear contacts I will learn to swim. It is a 10min walk from our house. If I do not like it I will change later but for now I need to workout so I do not gain those few lb I lost in Ramadan and tone up which is something I need to do so bad! Although I’m kicking myself for not buying size 4 of the jeans I am wearing now! I had a rule, if you find a pair of jeans you love buy two, current size and a smaller size but I was too cheap. So now my jeans are kind of baggy on me! So not nice!

I have three phones at my house. They all different ringing tones, but every time a phone rings I have to guess which phone to answer! The phone in the living room is our Amman landline, and then my mobile which can be anywhere in the house and in the bedroom is our Vonage line. So I have to prepare myself as to who is calling. Will it be a call from Amman or Canada? O speaking of Vonage, I love it! It did take me a while to get it to work. The device is wireless so it is a plus, now my internet connection is wireless. I have to say orange is great! My sister in law has batelco , I was getting wireless from her and it sucked! It disconnected so many time, not just here but downstairs at their house. Orange has not been out of service at all since we got the connection! o no! I hope I did not just jinx it!


asoom said...

wow that was like 4 posts in one LOL!

the news interruption can be really annoying I don't mind it if it's some breaking news like the death of a major country reader but I HATE it when it's about someone or someplace I never heard of.

About your MIL, it might not be about the cost of the pill it could be because of side effects that bother her. My grandma does stuff like that too and she'll complain of side effects.

About the exams and Jordan, yea I felt like that whole academic is just not fair because there are lots of intelligent, creative people that are just not great test takers but they don't have another way of showing their achievement based on that system.

I really need to join a gym soon, thanks for the reminder! That's awesome that you're a size 4, that's actually my goal size at the moment!

Qabbani said...

wallah ya sam wad3ek sa3eb :D

wish u all luck , i really don't know what to say

but this is Amman , told u before u need long time to get use :)

at least ur life not boring :);)

Dandoon said...

"Crossing streets in Amman is making me not like Amman! I wish that there was a traffic light where I live instead of those stupid crossing places that no one is driving me crazy!"
Getting tickets for J-walking is not fun too. My friend back in high school got one for around 20 dollars when he was crossing the street to grab a slice of Pizza!

tinkerbella said...

lol..ive always wondered the same thing about tom and jerry! not fair, they should let the cat win once in a while!

plus, cats are cute while mice are gross, so why o why does jerry always get the upper hand???

and yea, i hate that breaking news thing too.

good luck with the gym!

tinkerbella said...
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Hamza said...

I know the feeling of beginning to to realize things that you didn't pay attention to in the past.

Like the other day when I was playing tarneeb, I noticed that the King of Hearts is the only King among all kings in a deck of cards that does not have moustaches. Weird..Isn't it?

7aki Fadi said...

So Sam, is your son happy at school? You mentioned that he was having problems.

As soon as you get used to all of the above the year will finish and you would go home.

Anonymous said...

The trip is beginning to weigh down on you isn't it. Well atleast you know that it'll only be lasting for so long before you are going to be going back. Do the things you enjoy most in Amman and don't dwell on the others. Time flies by when you're having fun :)

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

i've always wondered abt Tom and Jerry too.. and I stopped watching them since the end is always teh same to me..

I am planning to join the gym too this month.. i was thinking abt convincing samer to walk, but since its getting cold, i am changing my mind.. hehe..

Exams are horrible :( Even when kids work on some home made drawings or actually projects for the lab, or charts or stuff like that, parents work on this more than their kids.. kids tell their parents so the parents are the ones who draw, stick, color and make it all!