Monday, October 22, 2007

bye bye

I hate goodbyes, especially when you are saying farewell to your husband. Well it was not easy on my mother in law either, so I guess it is hard on mothers day I will find out how hard it is...but lets stay in the present for now.

Hubby left today. He should be on the plane headed home as we speak, unless RJ is late which is very likely...I pray it is on time, since there are only two hours between RJ arriving to Montreal , and his flight to Saskatoon taking off. I wish I was leaving with him. Not because I do not like Jordan, once I get over the stress of crossing the streets, the jerks I have to meet whenever I go out shopping in the neighbourhood, and the fact that my hubby is thousands of miles away, Amman has been a lot of fun and I love living here.

We had a nice visit with hubby, but it was too short! I am not looking forward to the kids coming home and not finding their dad. Ziad knows that hubby is leaving today, and he was not happy when we told him few days ago. He cried and broke our hearts, saying that he does not want his daddy to leave. Bilal still does not get it, I told him that baba is going to Canada today, he just stopped smiling. I can see him mopping around the apartment looking for his daddy, he did this for few days when we first came here.

we did not get to go anywhere. one week was during Ramadan and all hubby did was sleep all day , his mother's orders! so annoying, everytime she sees him she would tell him to go sleep, 7aram inta sayem! we also could not go anywhere because my mother in law is not feeling too great and hubby did not want to leave here, so there goes our planned trip to egypt or lebanon...hopefully next time he is here we will get to go.

It was so much easier for me when he was here. He did a lot of things for us and took the kids places. He did drive us crazy few times, and I wanted to push him off the balcony on few occasions...but I already miss him so much. I booked his flight for December. He will miss Eid, but the tickets during that time are outrageously expensive, since it Eid, hajj, and Christmas time. O well...he comes on the 27th of December and stays for a bit over three weeks. The count down begins. This is the last time I will live away from my husband!


Qabbani said...

yewsal besalameh :)

o yerja3 besalameh kaman :)

have a nice day :)

asoom said...

It'll be december before you know it :)

bastokka طهقانة said...

لا احبك و لا اقدر على بعدك

اللي اخد منك الفيل قادر يرجعهولك

kinzi said...

Hi there!!! Just a few hours later, I was saying hello to my hubby.

It is so hard to be apart. I will pray for your continued perseverance as you await the next countdown.

tinkerbella said...

awww...i (kind of!) know how you feel... thankfully we both live in the States (albeit diff states!) n when we say goodbye its only for 1 or 2 weeks (3 at most altho this rarely happens thank God!). but we only get to spend weekends together so it stil sux.

hopefully, your seperation won't last long and you guys will be reunited!

haram, u also have to deal with the poor kids missing their daddy too! Allah eysaberkom.. and hopefully Dec will be here before you know it!

Omar said...

inshalla yosal bisalameh.. kulayata shwayit wa2it and you'll be reunited. I know what Ziad and Bilal feel like. My dad worked away from home from the time I was 5 until I was 10. Whenever he came for a visit I would ask him when he was planning to leave, just so I knew how much I had with him.

Life said...

Yeee.. ma as3ab el sho3or..
Ya rab ejma3kom bel salameh :)

Anonymous said...

Yousal bi salameh inshallah..
You will be busy with the kids and in no time it will be december and you will be reunited again..:)

deemco said...

I know how you feel Sam, my fiance is in the states too. I haven't seen him in over 5 months :(
I'm hangin in there.. 29 days left inshallah :)

Oriental Arabesque said...

oh sam..wish him a safe trip and hope days will run so fast so u guys will be together again :)

it's so hard to be far away from those u love the most..which reminds me that it's been a while since i missed someone so much :p lol!

Mrs. Al Ramahi said...

Good byes are the hardest things! InshaAllah you will get together once again soon.. :)

Sam said...

qabbani..thank u:)

asoom..yeh i guess it wont be long:)

bastokka..thanks for stopping by:)

thanks Kinzi..u r so always

tinkerbella...we will be in your shoes once we go back home..maybe...:)

omar yeh it hard on kids...!! thank u:)

hayat..thank u:)

noura yeh inshallah 2 more months:) months is a long time!! inshallah u will be togethr always soon:)

mais...thank u:) yeh it is not a nice feeling to miss someone so much...:)

amal..thank u sweety:)