Saturday, June 20, 2009


I do not believe I have not blogged for this long...I have had so many bloggable thing to talk about..

The baby is growing like a weed and is becoming mobile *insert screaming face*

Bilal had his tonsils out last week...what a champ...he was up and about within few hours, I know if it was me I would have been a big baby...

The kids are almost done with the school year *insert a screaming face*...I am already planning things for them..they will both go to Arabic school in July...Bilal will stay in preschool 2 afternoons a week for July...what am I going to do in August!!!

We will have to get all our summer fun before Ramadan starts...

Is anyone dreading Ramadan this year?? The day is so long!!!! It is still day time at 9:30pm...

The one good thing is that I will lose weight for sure this year...probably lots of it..yay?

I have also been a bad blog checker...I wonder how everyone is doing?? How is 7aki and the girls, how are Qwaiders doing with the is Maioush's dad doing? Is Asoom engaged yet? How are Kinzi and mamabeans...miss u guys!

But there is no time to blog..and when I do have time I feel guilty that I am not taking the kids out to play, or have to clean the house..does it ever get messy!! Well we just spent an hour in the backyard playing in the water, I helped Bilal with his Lego's and we had a play date with friends today...Tamer is taking a nap, so I can blog with no guilt...



Maioush said...

Miss you so much Sam, I really do, the pregnancy is not than fun yet, i'm still waiting to get better so we can really enjoy the pregnancy and start a baby blog too :)
My dad has been in the hospital until recently, the first round of chemo was a total failure; they are starting a new medications and will take 3 months to see if it will work, pray for him Sam, he really needs all your prayers.
Thank you for thinking about us, we really miss you!

kinzi said...

Hi Sam! I miss you too! I drive by your old neighborhood and remember the first time I met you there.

Remember the old proverb: live first, blog later, do the dishes after that ;)