Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six weeks....

It has been six weeks since the arrival of our new monster...Ok he is not a monster yet, but it is in the works...or maybe I will be lucky this time around? A good baby who becomes a good toddler??

Tamer is an awesome baby....just like his brothers used to be.

He sleeps few hours during the day....about 6-7hrs at night then wakes up to eat and then goes back to sleep...(I wish I could go back to sleep...but sleeping from 6-8 is the worst..I wake up msatli..) .He only cries when I take too long to fix his bottle, or when he is gassy or sleepy and one of the monsters won't let him sleep because he is so loud...and he is so freakin' cute mashallah!! I can not stop looking at him and holding his tiny teeny hands....I like to hold my babies and do not believe in the spoiling them thing...they are only so small for such a little time...I want to enjoy it...

Now that the baby is here, and the six weeks resting is up , it is time to get into shape!

I am happy to say that I gained 20lb with this baby...14lb are gone and I am left with 6lb to lose...I have been wearing my pre pregnancy clothes since 1 week after giving birth.....even the jeans after getting out of the dryer!! It is nice because with my other pregnancies I had to go out shopping for bigger clothes and did not see my pre pregnancy clothes for a good eight months...

It is time to get back into shape...because yeh I am so out of shape...your body changes a lot during pregnancy...I need to lose lots of inches here and there and get my old shape back..

Exercising is proving to be hard with a new born and a 4yo around! I get Bilal busy with a project, some arts and crafts, or his favourite DVD or a show on demand..and get dressed for my workout...well the minute he sees me working out he decides that I am and the baby are more interesting and he is either in my way, or he is waking his brother up...I will have to restart my gym membership sooner than I thought!

During my pregnancy I lost my appetite...but it seems that the minute the baby popped out my appetite made a grand return! I have been eating like a crazy horse in the past six weeks! My love for chocolate is back!!

I just realized I have not posted in over a month....and it is almost my blog's second bday...I do not have much time anymore...maybe this blog was only meant to live for two years...


Whisper said...

you remind me by my nephew
all the time his mom said "when he become a human I'll sleep good"
I said you mean "when he grow up"
she said no when he become human because he is a monster now"

may God help you until they grow up
and y7mahom ya rab :)

Summer said...

you are not breastfeeding?
good luck getting back in not rush, you will get your old body back. :)

Sam said...

whisper..yeh your sil got it right..they are monsters... i always had issues with my milk supply..and this time it was even worse..i had to supplement before i even left the hospital..and then because there was not enough milk coming out tamer lost interest and didnt want it anymore...i tried pumping for a while..but with the baby and kids i could not pump enough to have a supply.:( i am so sad about it.:'(