Friday, March 15, 2013

Back in Amman

I want to start blogging again. Mainly because I am lonely in Amman.
I miss my friends and family in Canada...I am too busy dealing with the kids shit I have not had time to make new friends here. I will come back back to the kids shit later...

I have a love hate relationship with Amman. There is so much I love about being here, and so much I hate about living in Amman.

I love it until it is time to go out walking in the streets, I haver never seen more inconsiderate drivers! EVER! I forgot how rudesome people can be here!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

hi blog!

I almost forget about this blog! It is pretty dusty in here! I miss my blog and I have had so many bloggable moments in the past two years, but not much time or motivation!

So where to start?

We are still in Canada to hubby's dismay! I am loving it as always ! a big mwaah to Canada! But maybe not for long! We are considering a job in UAE, we will see how it goes when hubby meets with them, and of course if they pay well! All hubby wants is to live in an Arabic country where the kids will learn Arabic! I wonder how much Arabic they will learn in UAE! He wants to send them to an Arabic school there, LOL! I can see poor Ziad going into grade 5 only knowing how to write his name and few small words in Arabic! Sorry hon, not gonna happen!

I can do it for 3 years , which is the length of the project he will be sent for! What I would have never been able to do or tolerate was moving to Saudi (a big scream!!) I do not get how people do it there, I am used to my freedom going out and about without my husband! Lets not go there because well, it is not gonna happen!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A quick Hello...

I just realized that the last post on my blog is a sad blog....we must change that now...

Hmmmm nothing happy to post about...just normal everyday stuff...

It is winter and yucky...thankfully no snow..the last of it melted yesterday...thank you rain!!

The kids are on vacation and so is hubby!! He has been on vacation (parental leave) for almost 3wks!!! Somebody kill me!! I can not wait for January 4th to come!! My house is in dire need of ta3zeel...the closets are a mess, my laundry room is a mess...I need a break from the 3 of them!

My baby brother just got married a week ago!! When did he grow up?? It was a very nice wedding, everyone had a great time...we danced and danced and danced some more...but I am glad it is all is a lot of work getting ready for a wedding. A dress for me, shoes, makeup blah blah blah.. suites for the boys...the baby looked soo cute in his little suite...adorable! Ziad was the ring boy and has a new girlfriend, the little flower girl.

Tamer will be one next month, he is starting to walk, but still has not mastered it, he still prefers to crawl. He is always yelling out his brothers' names laal, thiaad....he is so cute and we are having so much fun watching him learn new things! He makes my kitchen floor a huge mess though, he takes everything out of the cupboard and throws them on the floor, I clean it all up and he does it over again , and again and wonder I am pooped by the end of the day!

Today hubby and the boys went to the March for Gaza in Toronto. When I mentioned it this morning the boys got all excited. They got their pencil cases, paper, and started drawing the Palestinian flag.They put them on a pole and got ready to go. I had a nice relaxing day home with the baby...aaah..when is Jan 4th coming??
Ha, that wasn't quick, was it ??? The kids are playing with their DSs, the baby is killing the kitchen floor and hubby is watching some movie...I was left alone for few minutes...but not anymore...aaaaaaahhh leave me alone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Ena Lelah wa Ina Elayhi Raje3oon

Early this morning my mother in law passed away:o(
She has been in a coma since last Friday, so we kinda of had a week to prepare for this....but you can never be prepared for a loved one dying...
I am just glad my husband went to Amman to see her when we heard the news. Everyone told him to stay put and not to go , it is useless...she is a coma, what is the point...but he got to spend some time with her...see her, touch her, talk to her, kiss her...I am so glad he did not listen and I was able to convince him to leave as soon as we got the news...
I am just so sad that I will never see her Tamer will never know his teta, and she never got to see Ziad (her favourite grandson) again...Bilal will never really know her, since last time he saw her he was only 3...I wish we were able to go to Amman this past summer...but my husband started a new job in May, and he could not take time off, and I could not travel alone with 3 kids including a little baby...:o(
May she rest in peace least now she will not be in any pain...something that she has lived with constantly for the past few years....Allah yer7amik khalto! :o(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The End of summer...

My poor poor blog!! I have no time for it....*cleaning the spider webs around*

Speaking of spiders, a spider is take over my porch!! Everyday I go out with a broom and clean his web, the next day I find a bigger one!!! This spider is driving me crazy! He is on the biggish side, brown and he is living between the porch bricks!! He is outside so I feel like a bad person killing him.....u know I have to be a friend of nature..blah blah..

So many bloggable things have happened in the past 2 months since I last posted...

We did so much this summer, lots of visits to Marine land, Ontario place, parks.. etc...

We went to Quebec City for few days, it is always fun going was a 12hrs drive...we had a great time!! now I know why I have to get a van!! My kids fight like crazy while in the car!! I am getting a van in the next couple of weeks!! I am getting the longest van I can find, one of the kids will be at the very end of the van and one in the front...they are currently fighting about who will be in the front and who will be at the back..

My little baby is growing up so fast! He is 8 months now...he has been crawling and cruising for the past two months....I hope he will hold off walking until he is 1...

Three weeks little Tamer got very sick and we had to deal with a 7mara(idiot) ER doctor, and then spent few days at the sick kids hospital in Hamilton...not a very good experience...I will post about this ordeal in another post...he is all better now alhamdoulilah..but his horrible experience changed him from a nice mild baby to a whinny screaming baby!!

We found a family of Mice living in our garage, which prompted us to clean out the garage, and just to be on the safe side cleaning out the basement(there were no mice inside the house) I went through every single box, cleaned it good and got rid of boxes and boxes and garbage bags of stuff we no longer need! I can no longer watch Tom and Jerry! I used to live Jerry , but now Tom is my favourite, bad bad mice!!

I got stung by a bee the other day...I think it was a bee hurt like hell!! I had no idea a little thing's sting can hurt so much...I thought my whole arm was going to fall off!! My finger swelled up,and then my whole arm started to hurt... it was no fun!! We were getting ready to go to Marine Land...I put my stuff in the passenger seat and threw my keys in there..I went to grab my key and something was on them and stung me..I think it was a bee..or maybe the spider that has overtake my porch...I was in so much pain, just flung the thing off my finger without looking at it. I drove to ML because it was the last day before school and the kids were all excited about going there with their I could not let a bee sting keep us home...I had to break my fast while driving to take some advil because the pain was too much...:o( I hate bees, or maybe it was a wasp?

Now finally the kids are back to school...Ziad just started grade 3, Bilal will be starting SK next Friday and he is going to preschool two days a week....finally my vacation has started!! I have yelled at the kids so much in the past month, they fight so much!! They fight over everything, a toy can be sitting for months without anyone touching it, the minute one goes to play with it the other wants it!! I am sure I have gotten few white hairs this past month!! O and ziad started with this "I am bored" bit..We go to the park, come back home and within 5 minutes he is bored!! ah it is all over now , I think my new favourite seasons are going to be fall, winter and spring!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good morning....

Ah it is so nice to wake up so is 5:37am now on Sunday morning...and it is so peaceful!!

I can not remember when I heard a big fat nothing except for the sound of the my typing and the ticking clock...with all the chaos in this house I've never noticed the ticking clock...tick tick tick....

This experience would be so much better if my house was not a mess! darn it didn't I tidy up the downstairs rooms before going out for the day yesterday?? How did my kids(and hubby of course) manage to make this small mess??? Crayons and paper on the table...their little Diego and pooh bear chairs are not where they are supposed to be...the sofa cushions are all over the place..the DS's and their cases are both sitting on the sofas and there is a clipboard with a safety scissor sitting on the chair...o and is that hubby's chips bag I see on the table? There are three pennies sitting on the floor...those are Bilal's brown money..why are they not in his piggy bank? Seriously I would love to tidy up this house and have it stay tidy for more than 10 minutes!!

yeh I should definitely do this more often....wake up early...have my morning milk and go to the gym before everyone is up??? I have to switch to a morning kids do not go to bed until 10ish in the summer time.....Bilal will not even put on his PJ's if it is still light outside...and the light starts fading at 9:30...I do not believe I am saying this, but I can not wait for winter when it is dark at 5pm and the kids are in bed by 8:30....but in the summer we are usually hardly ever home before 9...too much to do in the summer months unless it is a rainy day...

I had lots of bloggable stuff happening...but no time to blog...unless I wakeup this early everyday and blog while sipping my morning coffee...:)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I do not believe I have not blogged for this long...I have had so many bloggable thing to talk about..

The baby is growing like a weed and is becoming mobile *insert screaming face*

Bilal had his tonsils out last week...what a champ...he was up and about within few hours, I know if it was me I would have been a big baby...

The kids are almost done with the school year *insert a screaming face*...I am already planning things for them..they will both go to Arabic school in July...Bilal will stay in preschool 2 afternoons a week for July...what am I going to do in August!!!

We will have to get all our summer fun before Ramadan starts...

Is anyone dreading Ramadan this year?? The day is so long!!!! It is still day time at 9:30pm...

The one good thing is that I will lose weight for sure this year...probably lots of it..yay?

I have also been a bad blog checker...I wonder how everyone is doing?? How is 7aki and the girls, how are Qwaiders doing with the is Maioush's dad doing? Is Asoom engaged yet? How are Kinzi and mamabeans...miss u guys!

But there is no time to blog..and when I do have time I feel guilty that I am not taking the kids out to play, or have to clean the house..does it ever get messy!! Well we just spent an hour in the backyard playing in the water, I helped Bilal with his Lego's and we had a play date with friends today...Tamer is taking a nap, so I can blog with no guilt...